I love running. I am able to put my masochistic tendencies to good use. It is here that I can push my body to its absolute limit. I love the feeling of my heart pounding in my chest and the fluttering of my lungs with every step. It feels like a war zone, but the chaos is controlled, it exists inside of me, I have complete power over it. The feeling of going further, faster, another mile, another hill. I love the feeling of my entire body aching and every capillary and vein and artery screaming at me to slow down, to stop, but somewhere else, deeper, past all of the muscles and tendons and ligaments and bones, there’s a certain urgency to continue, to speed up, to push even harder. And when I catch the brilliance of the setting sun’s rays in my eyes I feel like I am on fire, burning up, ablaze. Running outside in the evening is to me one of the most beautiful things a person can do.


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