The fear of hurting you isn’t worth hurting myself


It’s days like these and times like now when I am confused and restless, zero productivitiy and thoughts of hopelessness arrive that I cannot eradicate. I feel trapped in the city I escaped from, the same feelings felt from over a year ago have came back to haunt me. It’s draining me, and I want to run. Though I know that your problems travel with you, I always think that life would be better somewhere else, see the greener grass, and a fresh start is what I need. But I don’t. I need people. And I need you. Thinking of others more than yourself, the need to be needed and a sense of responsibility is what stops us being less selfish and more selfless. It’s beautiful. I can’t articulate how you make me feel or describe how you saved me but you did and you are, and I will be forever grateful. When before placing myself into risky situations weren’t thought twice about, you make me reconsider and stop.

The fear of hurting you isn’t worth hurting myself.


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